What We Do

Sticky Songs is an independent, proactive global music publisher based in Dublin, Ireland. We specialise in music publishing, rights management, royalty administration and sync opportunities for our writers, composers, clients and their repertoire. Sticky Songs endeavours to empower, enhance and protect the creatives we work with and their copyrights.



Music Publishing

We offer flexible, transparent, writer friendly deals to suit our clients’ needs. In simple terms, you can entrust us with the registration of your copyrights, associated income tracking and royalty accounting. This will ensure your royalties are collected in an efficient and thorough manner.




We will actively aim for strategic advertising, film, TV and video game sync opportunities for the songs we work with. We will seek out and negotiate the best sync licensing placements through our global network of industry contacts, music supervisors and sync agents.



Writer Development

We want to empower our writers and composers through an active support network. At Sticky Songs, we will work closely with our creatives to achieve their best songwriting potential alongside providing global networking opportunities. We work to pitch songs, secure co-writes and collaborations, provide leads and briefs for upcoming projects and so much more. We strive to maximise the potential in the songs we publish and the writers and composers we work with.



Interested in learning more? Get in touch at info@stickysongs.ie